15 Jobs That Sound Fun But Are Actually Awful

There's a saying about your job: if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Sometimes, those dream jobs are a lot less fun than people realize.

Here are examples of jobs that prove the grass isn't always greener. 


This job is more than pretending like you're on Baywatch. But in reality, you're just telling people not to run or stop wasting time. 

Working in an Instrument Store

The idea of working in a music store sounds good until you hear countless people misplay the same song repeatedly. 


Baking requires you to get up before the crack of dawn while working next to a scorching oven and cleaning up gigantic messes—all for minimum wage. 


Being a lawyer is nothing like how it's depicted on television. Half the time, when you bring a case before a judge, the other party doesn't show up, and you're next date is several months away. 

Marine Biologist

Despite what George Costanza thinks, being a marine biologist requires performing many gross, tedious tasks. The industry relies heavily on volunteers, too. 


Everyone wants to break stuff. However, there's a lot of hard work and physical labor involved. It's a tough job. 

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