21 Surprising Jobs That Pay $100,000 a Year

(Most People Haven’t Heard Of)

Reddit user fidgit86 recently asked: “It seems like a lot of people make a lot of money, and it seems like I'm missing out on something. So those of you that do, what's your occupation that pays so well?”

The results were gold. The thread went viral with almost 20,000 responses. Here are some of the most surprising jobs people had that made over $100,000 a year.

One user commented he made over $100,000 in his specific trade. “I fix broken air conditioners. But the ones for skyscrapers and hospitals.”

Air Conditioner Repair – For Skyscrapers

According to another lineman who chimed in, you can make $150,000-250,000 annually, especially if you're willing to work some overtime.


“I know a traveling nurse that made 150k last year,” added a user.

Traveling Nurse

“I drive a tow truck in metro Atlanta and clean up wrecks on I-285 & I-75. It's a lot of hours, and being on call sucks especially working nights. But I'm at $100k so far this year.” He followed up and said he hopes to make it to $160,000 by the end of the year.

Tow Truck Driver

Another surprising entry was a user who runs a handmade jewelry business. “Most people would never suspect (might not even believe) the money I make doing this,” they commented.

Handmade Jewelry Business

The average hourly wage for a directional drilling technician is $42, which equates to about $87,000 a year. However, with more experience or a willingness to work overtime, you can easily surpass $100k a year.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

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