Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Is Down, but His Net Worth Is Sky-High

From Senator to Vice President to President, here are the key facts to tell you how much Joe Biden's net worth is.

After serving as the 47th Vice President under former President Barack Obama, his net worth increased significantly in the four years since he left office in 2017. Here is how President Joe Biden has increased his net worth over the years.

President Joe Biden is valued at over $9 million, based on data collected from his tax returns and filings. The majority of his net worth was earned after his stint as Vice President.

What Is the Net Worth of Joe Biden?

Much of his money is thanks to his speaking engagements, book deals and property holdings, including his Wilmington, Delaware home, his vacation house in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, and his presidential salary of $400,000.

Most of Biden's income and net worth came in the four years he was out of office between 2017 and 2020. In fact, he earned over $17 million during this time period. Here's the breakdown.

Understanding how the Bidens became financially independent over the years is easy, given that they have released their federal income tax returns dating back to 1998. During most of this time, their tax returns show his annual income of roughly $200,000.

Tax Returns

After graduating from Syracuse University College of Law, Joe Biden began practicing law in 1969. His earnings as a lawyer are not made public. However, he only spent three years practicing law until his political career began.

Law Career

Joe Biden's political career kicked off in 1973 when he won his United States Senate election in Delaware, earning an annual salary of $42,500. Throughout his tenure, Biden served the interests of his home state, and his career as a Senator blossomed, increasing his yearly income to $174,000.

United States Senator

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