Want to Join the 1%? Then Quit Living Like the Other 99

If you want to be above average, then you can’t keep acting like you’re average. Living an above-average life means you’re making decisions consistent with being above average, not just average. 

Okay, great – now, anticipating your next question, how do we live an above-average life? 

What can we do to ensure that we’re making choices in our lives that are elevating us up rather than keeping us stagnant or stalled out in a relentlessly mundane, typical life? 

Know how to set GOOD goals

Above-average people set high-quality goals that are real and performance-based. Goals that will change their life in quantifiable ways, and goals that are worth the effort it takes to achieve them. 

Know when enough is enough

They reflect on their accomplishments and then, once recouped, start again renewed with the energy and perspective necessary to continue making the right decisions. 

Never let your finances run “on the edge”

Above-average 1%-type people have enough saved up – often in a savings or money market account, to withstand temporary blips to their livelihood. 


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