This Thanksgiving Avoid Court TV Family Drama With Judge Rhonda’s Tips

Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends come together to enjoy each other’s company and an overabundance of food.

However, what can start as quality family time can easily slide into arguments, a total zoo, or even worse, a legal matter.

Judge Rhonda from “Relative Justice” is on a mission this holiday season to make sure that you don’t end up in a courtroom no matter your family dynamics.

1. Don’t use the good silverware to clear dishes into the trash – you might drop a fork or knife and be held responsible for the replacement of this irreplaceable family heirloom later.

2. Plan ahead. Navigating conversations with those with differing views can be tough.  Best to avoid discussions on politics, and even Covid-19, with some family members.

3. Don’t borrow anyone’s rental car after dinner – even if you’re blocked in the driveway.  As any rental car company will tell you, only those listed on the rental agreement should be behind the wheel.

4. When hosting, try to avoid assigned seating – you don’t want to be a party to any disagreements that may arise.

5. Don’t be stubborn. It’s okay to use someone else’s stuffing recipe this time, and less chance you’ll be blamed for someone’s trip to the ER later.

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