Just Got A Job Offer? Four Questions To Ask Yourself Before Saying Yes.

Not all job offers will be right for you. I hate to be a buzzkill, but there are several questions that you should ask yourself before accepting a new opportunity. 

Saying yes prematurely can turn into a mistake that’s tough to fix, and in some cases, it might hurt your entire career. 

Before saying yes, here are four questions that will help you decide whether or not the job offer is right for you. 

Question 1: Does this new job help my work/life balance?

A lot of us struggle with balancing our job responsibilities with time at home with our families. Many employers demand a lot of time from their staff, and that could backfire into stress at home. 

If the reason you’re looking for a new job is to improve your work/life balance, this should be the very first question to ask yourself. 

Question 2: Does the pay meet my expectations?

Never assume that you’ll get raises later to make up for a lower starting salary. If you are not comfortable with the salary in the offer, now is the time to address that concern.