Karen Page was the heart of Netflix’s ‘Daredevil’ serie

It has been six years since Daredevil premiered and five years since Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle first appeared in the series; three years since the finale of Daredevil and two since The Punisher ended. 

When Karen Page was first introduced in Daredevil, I didn’t have my expectations. 

I knew from the comics that she had a bleak future and I was leary of what the showrunners may have had planned for her character. 

But nevertheless, I came away from the first season with Karen as my favorite character. I love Matt Murdock, don’t get me wrong, but it was pretty apparent that she was made of finer stuff than he was.  

For a character whose main plotlines in the comics were to be Daredevil’s girlfriend, a heroin addict, and a murder victim — Karen Page became one of the most well-developed characters in Netflix’s Marvel run.  

I loved Karen Page because she wasn’t perfect. She was allowed to have moments of weakness. She was allowed to break down when the weight of her personal trauma was too heavy.