12 Coolest Keepsakes People Have Retained From Childhood

For the sentimental person, keeping certain things from their childhood is quite common. For them, these keepsakes are precious.

On a discussion board, many people ask what the coolest keepsake others still own is. Their answers are fun, sweet, impressive, and relatable.


One mentions they still have their “1966 kindergarten Batman lunchbox [and] thermos,” and another speaks of a Beatles lunch box.

Barbie Dolls

Barbie dolls are still as popular as ever. Multiple people save their dolls, including one who kept a “1977 Hawaiian Superstar Barbie” and a “detective/spy/journalist.”

Daniel Boone Teddy Bear

One person talks about an incredibly unique keepsake they have kept from a very young age. This person notes, “I still have the Official Daniel Boone Teddy Bear (that came with a coonskin cap.”

MAD Magazines

One person says they still have “about 30 years' worth of MAD Magazines.” Another reader states, “My dad gave me his MAD Magazines when I was 16. I still have them. The oldest one is from 1958.”

Nancy Drew Books

Classic detective novels geared towards young readers are fun and a common keepsake from many generations. Several contributors talk fondly about these books and how they could never party with them.

Christmas Ornaments

Christmas ornaments are like precious pieces of treasure, especially delicate ones. They become family heirlooms. So many people have kept this tradition alive.

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