10 Kenneth Branagh Movies and Where to Stream Them

When you think of modern Shakespeare, it’s impossible not to think of Kenneth Branagh. But the Belfast native has had a long and varied career across theatre, television, and film as both an actor and director. 

He has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards and has won two Emmys, a Golden Globe, and four BAFTAs.

In honor of his multiple Oscar nominations for his film Belfast, we’re sharing where you can watch some of his most exciting work as a director online. 

Henry V

Henry V met great critical success and is still considered one of the greatest Shakespeare film adaptations ever. 

Peter’s Friends

While it’s a fun and warm comedy as we watch these friends reminiscence over memories and deal with their current relationship issues, it also sensitively approaches more sincere topics: the loss of a child, illness, and divorce. 

Much Ado About Nothing

The film is a treat for both those who love Shakespeare and those who haven’t engaged with it since high school. 


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