Kettlebell Swings: The Best Workout to Burn Calories in a Short Period

Kettlebell swings can be incredibly beneficial. They improve your maximal and explosive strength, according to a study written by, which is ideal for a carry-over effect to other exercises.

Let's look at how to perform kettlebell swings correctly that you can use as part of a full-body workout to assist you in getting stronger, leaner, and more explosive.

American Swing

It’s a style most crossfitters use too. Though extremely common, it isn’t always safe as the lumbar spine is prone to hyperextension.

Russian Swing

This exercise is much kinder on the back. It involves swinging the weight to shoulder height, allowing you to lift heavier weights without the same shoulder mobility required as American swings.

By and large, kettlebell swings are considered safe; however, it’s an exercise that many people do incorrectly, creating more susceptibility to injury and slowing down progress.

Using Incorrect Weight

Think of it this way: the kettlebell should be heavy enough to challenge you but not heavy enough that you struggle to lift it.

Using Your Arms To Lift

Any momentum to drive the kettlebell up should come from your lower body, not your arms. The only thing your arms should be doing is leading the kettlebell.

Swinging Too Fast

If you’re swinging too quickly, much of the focus will be on your upper body and not the lower body, where most of the force generated should come. Always make sure you do your kettlebell swings using proper form.

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