10 Things That Prove Kids Born After 2010 Are Missing Out Big Time

Redditor u/fkaren20201 asked, “What do you think people born after 2010 missed out on?“ These were some of the best answers.

Picking up a packet of physical photos from the drug store is a special feeling these newer generations will never know. Even though, as u/pm-me-racecars pointed out, “Polaroids are coming back,” film and getting non-Polaroid film developed is expensive and time consuming.

Physical Photographs

“The film is so expensive, though!!” u/PinkyTurnipseed wrote. “And where's the thrill of waiting at the photo counter to see what actually came out? Not quite the same, IMO.”

Not only did kids these days miss out on what u/No-Conference9567 called the “best era of Cartoon Network,” another Austrilia-based user felt the bar on kids shows has been severely lowered.

Good Children's Television

Do you remember a time when every thing you did wasn't documented by your phone? These younger generations certainly don't.

Not Always Being in Front of a Camera

“This so much,” wrote u/pibbleberrier, who added that: “growing up in the era of no smartphone is a god send looking back.”

Users agreed in their droves, with u/AllHailKeanu replying, “Late 90s internet was so fun. Everyone had webpages! You liked a show or movie? You made a website about it! And then we’d all find each other and link to each others websites.”

The Early Internet

Remember when you just had to buy a game and that was it, no more buying content? Kids today probably don't. “I miss N64 days where you buy a game and it's complete with no further purchases required or even advertised to you,” wrote u/Micro-G-wanna.

Video Games Without Microtransactions

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