13 Things Kids Born After 2010 Are Missing Out On

A recent online discussion discusses parts of life that today's generation is missing out on. Here are some of the best answers.

Picking up a packet of physical photos from the drugstore is a special feeling these newer generations will never know.

Physical Photographs

That feeling of looking through old printed photographs simply can't be replicated by digital images. While physical photos still exist the magic of waiting for them to be developed has disappeared.

Not only did kids these days miss out on what many called the “best era of Cartoon Network,” another TV watcher felt the bar on kid shows has been severely lowered.

Good Children's Television

Do you remember a time when every thing you did wasn't documented by your phone? These younger generations certainly don't.

Not Always Being in Front of a Camera

“This so much,” wrote one parent, who added: “growing up in the era of no smartphone is a godsend looking back.” These days, children live their lives under constant surveillance. They must feel like they exist under a microscope.

The internet was so much more wholesome and fun when it was a new thing. Now it seems so much more vitriolic. Bring back the days of dial-up – you all remember the noise, right?

The Early Internet

Remember when you just had to buy a game and that was it, no more buying content? Kids today probably don't. “I miss N64 days where you buy a game and it's complete with no further purchases required or even advertised to you,” wrote one gamer.

Video Games Without Microtransactions

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