25 Kids TV Shows With Authentic LGBTQ Representation

Kids deserve to see LGBTQ representation from a very early age. That's why it's essential to give kids access to shows with queer characters, and thankfully, more and more shows aimed at toddlers and elementary-aged kids do just that.

As both the oldest and longest-running show on this list, Arthur promoted feminism, inclusion, and kindness long before other kids' shows focused on these themes.

Arthur (1996-)

In the show's finale after nine seasons, the secret is revealed: Scootaloo was raised by her aunts, Aunt Holiday (Jackie Blackmore) and Auntie Lofty(Saffron Henderson), who appear on screen as a romantic pair.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic (2010-2019)

The Babysitters Club is based on Ann M. Martin's famous novels of the same title from the 1990s. The show is updated to take place in the 2020s and to promote more progressive themes like racial justice, climate activism, and embracing differences.

The Babysitters Club (2020-2021)

There is one canonically confirmed queer couple found in Adventure Time: the tense and complex relationship between Princess Bubblegum (Hynden Walch) and Marceline the Vampire Queen (Olivia Olsen). They even get an on-screen kiss in the show's finale.

Adventure Time (2010-2018)

Ridley Jones is groundbreaking because one of the central characters in the show, Fred, the bison, is nonbinary. That makes Fred the first ever regular nonbinary character on a TV show created for preschoolers.

Ridley Jones (2021-)

If you're looking for a show where same-sex relationships are simply a part of life, OK, K.O! Let's Be Heroes is a great choice. In a world full of outcast superheroes, queer couples don't cause anyone to bat an eye.

OK, K.O.! Let's Be Heroes (2017-2019)

Danger and Eggs is one of the queerest kids' shows out there. It was created by Mike Owens and Shadi Petosky, a trans woman. Owens and Petosky created a world where no one can assume whether or not a character is cis or straight.

Danger and Eggs (2015-2017)

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