Laughably Bad Horror Movies and Where to Stream Them

For every critically praised Rosemary's Baby or The Exorcist out there, horror has seen hundreds of other awful horror movies that have also been released. Some are so bad they're good, but most are just plain unwatchable. 

We thought we'd take a look at some of the absolute worst horror movies out there—movies to kick back and enjoy with friends laughing so hard you’ll get a stomach cramp—as well as providing information about where they're currently streaming. 

Maximum Overdrive

Heavily advertised as King’s first foray into film, the movie was a box office disaster, and met with scathing reviews from critics, including Golden Raspberry nominations for King (Worst Director) and its star, Emilio Estevez (Worst Actor). 

Not currently streaming, but can be rented online 

The Wicker Man

With a movie this bad and a performance this horrible, we honestly wonder how Cage's career survived after this—but given his penchant for completely investing himself in the roles he chooses, it's doubtful there's a single movie out there that will ever end Cage's career 

Not currently streaming, but can be rented online 

Jason X

Panned upon release, the movie has grown in popularity as a cult favorite that fans routinely mock, although some faint praise was given to the movie's unique kills. 

Streaming on Peacock 

Killer Klowns From Outer Space

Some critics were alienated by the strange, nonsensical content of the film, but the movie has only appreciated in value since its release, with some critics who initially panned the movie eventually warming to its lightheartedness and odd subject matter. 

Streaming on Hulu and Prime Video