Nine Foolproof Ways to Fail In Your New Leadership Role

Working for a great leader is a huge benefit. 

Yet, I’ve probably learned more about leadership by keenly observing the bad leaders, the failures, the ones who seemingly do everything wrong. 

Here is that learning distilled that down into nine foolproof ways to fail in a new leadership role. 

Pretend to Know Everything

In a new leadership position, we desperately want to prove we belong in the role by knowing everything immediately. Don’t fall into that trap – it backfires every time. 

Delegate Your Budget to Someone Else

In any leadership position, knowing the budget is key. You are responsible for the good financial controls and making the best choices available with the resources you have. 

Make Being Liked Your Primary Goal

It’s important to practice empathy and to connect with staff. Worse than desperately needing to be liked is actively working to be disliked.