Learn and Practice Investing Without Risk through Paper Trading

Paper trading is one of the best ways to learn about investing without risking any of your money. 

What if there were an easy way for you to practice trading stocks without putting any real money on the line? Well, lucky for you, there is! It's called paper trading, and it can seriously help you understand the markets.

A paper trade is simply a simulated trade that allows you to buy and sell stocks (without risking money). The reason it's called a “paper trade” is that back in the day before computers, aspiring investors would write their trades out on paper to practice before risking it in the real stock market. 

What is Paper Trading?

Paper trading provides a great way to gain exposure to the stock market, but as with everything, there are advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros of paper trading: 

The biggest pro of paper trading is that you risk zero money! If you wanted to buy a thousand shares of Apple in real life, you'd need to spend over $100,000 (as of now)!!! You can try it out with practice trading to see what happens and risk no money. 

Risk Zero Money

Going along a similar vein as the first pro, you can try new trading strategies risk-free because you don't risk any money. Maybe you think you found a way to do futures trading effectively. Or perhaps you saw some crazy arbitrage play you think might work. 

Test Out New Trading Strategies