Use Habit Stacking (For a More Productive You)

With the growing presence of social media, news, Netflix, and internet surfing made convenient in the digital age by my smartphone – something I have struggled with the past few years is not letting negative habits get the best of me.

My morning habit stack.

Each morning for the past five years my morning routine has pretty much been the same. My alarm goes off, I hit snooze 1-2x and finally my chocolate lab Morgan annoys me enough to get out of bed.

Habit Stacking 101

Full of a strong network of neurons connected and intertwined to help you function and perform throughout the day, your brain – just like a route from point A to point B – operates in the most efficient manner.

Examples of habit stacking

Exercise: Once I turn off my alarm I will do 10 air squats. Health: After turning on coffee maker, I will make and drink a fruit smoothie

How to start Habit Stacking

Typically, most habits revolve around these concepts: Mindfulness Health Exercise Time management

Think of habit stacking as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS)

In order to be a super-efficient person, it's time to develop your personal SOP, in other words, it is time to increase your productivity by habit stacking.

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