12 Legal Things That Should Be Illegal or More Regulated in 2023

Is there something legal that you wish was not? I believe cars should have a price tag and sell at that price across the board.

It is absurd that you must spend an entire day negotiating how much they want to screw you with instead of paying what the vehicle costs. Nonetheless, someone recently asked, “What is legal and should become illegal?” Here are the top voted answers for everyday people online.

Unnecessarily Bright Dipped Headlights

“Every single morning I have to resist the urge to flash my brights at people because I mistake their new regular bright lights for having their high beams on,” a user admitted.

Hiding Ingredients in Foods

One user answered, “Being allowed to hide ingredients in food by calling it natural flavors.”

Convenience Fees to Pay Bills and Do Taxes

One user expressed, “I just had to pay a deposit to get my parents an apartment, and I was charged almost $80 to use a credit card through their portal because that was the only option. No cash or check. Only credit card.”

Advertising Prescription Drugs

One user responded, “This is illegal in the EU + UK, Switzerland, etc.” “It's illegal everywhere except the US and New Zealand,” added another.

Volume Increases for Commercials

“Increasing the volume of commercials by twenty decibels,” one user replied. Someone believed it illegal, and another user clarified, “It's unlawful on BROADCAST TV. Streaming services don't fall under that regulation.”

Lying Politicians

It should be illegal to lie blatantly to voters while running for political office. We call it fraud and jail people for lying to gain financially.

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