Legendary Pokémon Every Generation, Including Scarlet & Violet


Legendary Pokémon are the most valuable part of any generation of the Pokémon series.  

They are the rarest, most powerful, and sometimes the most extravagant Pokémon you’ll find in a generation. For many players, they even determine which game you get.

With nine generations and counting, here are all legendary Pokémon you’ll find throughout the 1000+ Pokémon that exist today.

This includes both the legendary and mythical Pokémon that have been released.

All Legendary Pokémon in Every Generation

The first legendary Pokémon in the Pokédex is Articuno, the Ice and Flying type bird. Arguably the most beautiful and valuable of the legendary bird trio, it would gain a new Galarian form in the Gen 8 games.


The second of the legendary bird trio is Zapdos, the Electric and Flying-type Pokémon. Like its sibling, Articuno, the powerful thunder legendary would get a Galarian form to bolster its popularity in Gen 8.


Rounding out the first legendary trio of all time is Moltres, the Fire and Flying legendary Pokémon. Like the others in its group, it would receive a Galarian regional legendary form in the Gen 8 games.


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