10 Big Lies About Love You Need to Stop Believing Immediately

There's no denying how captivating and thrilling romance can be.

When done right in books or movies, it can leave fans teary-eyed, staring wistfully into blank space, and wishing for that fantastical life. Still, it is not beyond misinterpretation.

Through books and movies, certain ideas about romance have become embedded in our culture. Now, when we enter into relationships, we must shout down the expectations set by fiction to live in (and enjoy) reality. 

Once you've secured a significant other, you get your happily ever after. Nothing else matters. But the truth isn't so saccharine and simple. Relationships and love are constant work.  

Once You're in It, It's Happily Ever After

Grand, public romantic gestures aren't as romantic in real life as fiction would have you believe. If the other person isn't happy to be on the receiving end of the gesture, it can lead to epic humiliation for both parties. 

Grand Romantic Gestures Is The Best Way To Win Someone Over

No, it's not. But when romance books and movies constantly show stalking as acceptable behavior — as long as you're a hot, rich guy. 

It's Okay To Be a Stalker if You're Hot Enough

In reality, men and women want both, and neither put a lot of value on relationships where sex or kindness is used transactionally.

All Men Want Is Sex and All Women Want Is Emotional Support

“That pursuing someone long after they said ‘no' or ‘not interested' will change their mind, and is itself a highly romantic gesture that will certainly be appreciated,” u/Shadowwynd says.

Unrequited Love Can Become Requited if You Try Hard Enough

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