10 Best Life Advice People Got From Movies

You may have watched a film and thought, “Wow, I needed to hear that!” While movies are an incredible mode of entertainment, they are also a source of inspiration that impart valuable life lessons to those watching.

Members of an online community share times when movies gave profound life advice and changed their outlook for the best.

The Only Person Standing in Your Way Is You

When Thomas Leroy speaks these words of wisdom into Nina's ears in Black Swan, there lies a valuable teaching of believing you have control of your success and allowing yourself the courage to take the next step, says one user.

Just Keep Swimming!

These words of Dory from Finding Nemo remind one to keep moving through the ups and downs of life; the only way is forward!

If You Are Good at Something, Never Do It for Free

One user articulates it taught him to appreciate and value his skills and abilities without being afraid to put a price on them, especially in this economy!

So Tell Me Richo, What Is The Meaning of Life?

“It ends.”

This seemingly bleak response propels one to keep reaching for their dreams despite the hurdles.  “It ends.”

Life's Too Short To Be Angry All The Time

These concluding lines from Daniel Vinyard's paper in the film American History X send a critical message that holding onto anger and hate (even if it's justified) can weigh one down.

Yesterday Is History, Tomorrow Is a Mystery, but Today Is a Gift

The elderly wise tortoise, Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda, reflects this common issue people face. He pushes one towards mindfulness and gratitude, says one member.

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