7 Small Lifestyle Changes That Can Have Big Benefits

We all want to change our lives for the better, but it can be hard to know how to do that without spending a bunch of money. Eating organic and going to the gym are both good for you, but the costs start to add up.  

Consider the following lifestyle changes. They might seem small, but they can provide major benefits. The best part? They’re affordable. 

Drink More Water

Drinking water from the tap is cheap. Even if your water isn’t the best, an investment in a Brita filter or pitcher is an infrequent buy that pays for itself in the long run.  

Buy Canned or Frozen Veggies

Canned and frozen veggies have just as many nutrients as fresh ones since they’re packed at peak freshness.  

Invest in Plants

Growing some air-purifying plants in your home can help reduce chemicals from cleaning products and might help seasonal allergies as well. 

Pack Your Lunch

Packing a lunch also gives you an opportunity to know exactly how healthy the food you’re putting in your body is. 

Cut Out Coffee

If you buy coffee at Starbucks every day, you’re wasting a lot of money on it. But caffeine is also a legitimately addictive substance, and you can help yourself a lot by cutting it out of your diet. 

Buy In Bulk

Stocking up on canned veggies and proteins, like chicken or tuna, also means you have healthy food options for a long time. 

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