Living a Nomad Life as a House Sitter

I am not even sure where the idea first came into my head for house sitting. My goal was to live and work while traveling at the same time. 

Unfortunately, my plans to go abroad went awry because of the pandemic. People in my world were skeptical and didn't understand. 

Most had paid for pet care before and didn't understand the housesitting concept where free pet care is in exchange for accommodations. 

Nonetheless, I persisted and, in that time, I have experienced challenges, learned new skills, humorous moments, and most importantly, lots of pet cuddles! They each taught me a lesson that I will carry forward with. 

The One Without the Microwave: Portland, Oregon

I often say I wouldn't eat if I didn't have access to a microwave, even though I know how to cook. So, imagine my surprise when I showed up at a condo in Portland, Oregon, with my favorite frozen meals from Trader Joe's and walked into their kitchen to discover there wasn't one. 

A quick google search helped me find all sorts of instructions on cooking microwave meals without a microwave. I also managed to heat my tea and oatmeal by using a plug-in water boiling pot. 

The One with 5 Cats, a Huge Dog, and an Active Pit Bull

The ad for this house sits in a prominent and gorgeous neighborhood described as a Zoo. It also mentioned that Wally the dog was the determining factor in a house sitter. 

If he disapproved, then you weren't the one. Who is Wally? Wally is an adorable huge Boerboel dog. It was an unfamiliar breed to me and probably to most. He is a 175-pound African Mastiff who, when he lovingly decides to roll over on your feet, could break a bone in them! 

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