Why Are Women and Young Adults Living Without Health Insurance?

A recent study found that women and young adults invest less in health insurance. More than one-third of young adults, ages 25-34 lack an active health insurance policy. What's more, only about 60% of women period are protected by health insurance.

Zelros, a company that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help insurers better understand and serve their clients, surveyed 1,000 people across Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and parts of Europe.

The age disparity in health insurance coverage is an issue, and there is also a gender gap.

Not surprisingly, the primary reason women and young adults balk at getting health insurance is the high cost of coverage.

Why Are So Many Women Without Health Insurance

Further information from Zelros confirms a positive correlation between the high insurance cost and fewer women owning a health insurance policy.

58.3% of women believe insurance coverage is too expensive to obtain. On the other hand, 46.7% of men surveyed believe insurance is affordable.

That's a big factor for why 75.4% of men surveyed have an active health insurance policy, whereas only 60.9% of women have coverage.

Personalization and flexibility of health insurance policies are the keys to getting more women and young adults the coverage they should have. Allow people to pay for precisely what they need.

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