Logan Paul’s Liquid Marketplace Finds Niche Amid NFT Surge: Interview with Co-Founder Ryan Bahadori

Logan Paul is cruising into the lucrative world of Web3. Teaming up with co-creators Ryan Bahadori and Amin Nikdel, the American YouTuber, social media sensation, and pro wrestler launched his own NFT platform, Liquid Marketplace, earlier this year.

The new venture offers collectors the opportunity to co-own physical and digital assets through the power and process of tokenization.

Now anyone can buy, sell, own or trade a portion of the world's rarest high-value collectibles in real-time. At the time of launch, the trio’s curated collection was mainly comprised of Pokémon and sports cards including autographed jersey patch cards and rookie cards.

“By fractionalizing expensive assets, we’ve essentially made it possible for ANYONE to own ANYTHING” Paul tweeted back in April, but as the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished.

Paul’s previous forays into cryptocurrency have neither been forgotten nor (in some cases) forgiven.

Other efforts such as his CryptoZoo collection were met with fraud accusations, but the star stepped out in faith against a slightly tainted reputation and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

When asked, Paul’s co-founder Ryan Bahadori stated that Liquid Marketplace clocked an “incredible” first quarter with several irons in the fire.

He also shared his views on the future of crypto technology and advice for those looking to turn their passion projects into long-term profits.

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