Of The  Cutest Loli Anime Characters



Kawamoto Momo

Our 1st heart-meltingly cute loli character is an adorable ball of sunshine who puts Kiriyama Rei, the main character, at ease

Tanya Degurechaff

Right after one of the most wholesome loli characters, we are moving to arguably the most sadistic loli in anime history.




Imagine if all the platelets or thrombocytes in our body were actually lolis, who always try their best to cover our wounds whenever we get stabbed or something. This is pretty much the concept we come across in this show.

Considering how depressing Fruits Basket is, people often tend to forget that there is one loli character slipped into the series. 

Sohma Kisa


Inuzuka Tsumugi

This cute loli is from one of the most underrated anime of all time. Amaama to Inazuma (Lightning and Sweetness) is a wholesome story about a father and his toddler daughter



Renge Miyauchi 

Being the youngest member of the children's gang, Renge or Ren-chon can do whatever she pleases without getting scolded by the elders.


Mihama Chiyo

Of course, our legendary genius loli made it to the list. Even though Chiyo is at par with her high-school friends regarding academic capabilities, she still retains her childish behavior.


This watermelon-masked girl steals our hearts whenever she tries to help Senku and co. Suika (which translates to “watermelon”) thinks that she is a useless child and wants to assist the scientists badly and prove that she can be helpful. 



Shinonome Hakase 

We already got a genius loli, who manages to get into high school. But this loli is on another level of genius and can rival scientists like Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawking regarding her ingenuity.