10 Profound Moments from ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’

When I first saw this film as a young adult, I knew nothing of the story and was completely entranced by the world of Middle Earth and its breathtaking landscapes, incredible characters, and prolific storytelling. 

The first in the trilogy is my personal favorite and one that has many moments that are deeply emotional, affecting, grand and beautiful. Here are the ten most profound moments of The Fellowship of the Ring

Merry and Pippin's Bravery

From the start, Frodo and Sam as just as innocent, but have a bit more maturity, so it is Merry and Pippin who are forced to mature and grow the most as they are thrust into situations of danger and grief previously unknown to them. 

Arwen faces off against the Nazgul Wraith

The first time we meet this beautiful and brave elf maiden she appears as an ethereal being to a wounded Frodo, before that image of her fades and we see an elf, but also a woman ready to face the challenge ahead of her. 

Galadriel's Test

While they rest and deal with their grief over Gandalf, Frodo feels himself drawn to her as she heads to a place unknown. In truth, she is leading him to a window into, “Things that were, things that are, and some things that have not yet come to pass.” 

Aragorn's Temptation

When Frodo has decided to leave on his own, he is frightened when he sees Aragorn, having just had to put on the Ring and disappear from Boromir who attacked him.