How To Become Layoff Proof and What To Do if Losing Your Job Is Inevitable

Job losses continue to mount across the nation on the back of rising inflation and labor costs – a 67.6% jump from the 18,000 cuts from September last year, according to a report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas.

Yet losing your job is not necessarily a disaster. Some people pivot toward a new career and even start their own business, which can be a positive change.

If you get proactive now, you'll reap benefits even if you never lose your job. In fact, you might decide to leave your job because you'll have created better options.

Nobody is indispensable. If you were to quit, would your employer go out of business? Hardly. Your loss might be a setback, but the company will move forward. However, this doesn't mean there's nothing you can do to reduce your risk of losing your job.

How To Become Layoff-Proof

First, you can take on additional responsibilities. This makes it worse for your employer to lose you. Also, learn new skills. This way, if there's a need for those skills, your boss will turn to you rather than hiring someone new and possibly letting you go.

Sharpen your “soft” interpersonal skills. If you're hard to work with, you're likelier to lose your job earlier rather than later.

The best time to prepare for something bad that might happen is before it occurs. That way, you're less stressed and panicked, making you less effective. Take some steps ahead of time, so you are ready for whatever happens.

Finally, identify all your financial resources that could help bridge a loss of income for a few months. The longer your “runway” to get the next job or the first revenue from your business, the less stressful it'll be should you lose your job.

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