13 Loveable Fictional Characters That Would Suck To Know in Real Life

Everyone has fictional characters they empathize with, root for, and love! Watching them on screen fills the heart with joy and satisfaction.

However, bring them to real life, and they might not be so appealing anymore! Let’s test the limits of fiction by looking at 13 lovable characters that forum members would avoid in reality.

Mr. Bean Spills the Beans

Just imagine you are casually driving your blue Reliant, only for it to be flipped over by some silly person in a brown suit.

Jack Sparrow: Set Sail for Chaos

Knowing someone as unpredictable and unreliable as him would be challenging. Throw in his drinking habits, and you have yourself one big mess!

Tony Stark: Eat the Rich?

Multiple members articulate that his significant ego and impulsive behavior would not be appreciated in real life, mainly because he’s a billionaire.

Severing Ties With Snape

Severus Snape may have a fantastic back story, but as a user points out, his tendency to bully a child due to his failed love life is not impressive.

Han Solo: Financial Fiasco

One says he would be a horrible friend to have. Not paying you back on time, if at all? Sounds flaky!

Emily Cooper: The Rigid Tourist

One mentions that someone like Emily, who constantly critiques Parisian culture and tries to enforce her own on others, would not be likable in reality.

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