9 Public Figures People Still Love Despite Their Terrible Behavior

Redditor u/lattekosmiko took to r/AskReddit to discover which celebrities to avoid. They asked, “What is a public figure or artist who has done horrible things but that people continue to follow or listen to?”

Other Redditors swarmed the thread with answers.

u/Super_Jay shared, “David Eddings and his wife Leigh, authors who wrote several bestselling fantasy series. They had a horrible child abuse conviction prior to writing books.”

David and Leigh Eddings

According to the Redditor, the Eddings kept a four-year-old boy locked in a cage in their basement. After the boy was discovered, the couple was arrested and served time in prison. However, their sentences were short and they're now free.

“He abused Alice Glass physically, mentally, sexually, and financially for like a decade. Too bad he's an awful person, he's a very talented producer/musician.”

Ethan Kath

u/mcherrington said, “Let me just tell you that the weatherman from my hometown has more than a dozen aggravated assault charges from beating his wife and is still worshiped. I hate the man and all that he stands for.”

Local Celebrities

u/Solid_Negotiation441 answered, “Gloria Trevi. She's a Mexican singer who's been popular since the 90s. During the 90s she and her husband (Sergio Andrade) were the head of a sex/human trafficking ring of underaged girls.”

Gloria Trevi

“Basically, she would groom young girls and promise them a career in music. However, once they accepted, she would basically kidnap them and would force them to have sex with her clients and husband.”

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