10 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay More Than $100,000 Per Year

For some people, the number on their paycheck is enough of a motivator to perform their job duties sufficiently. For others, it's about doing good quality work.

For more than a third of workers, stress or burnout significantly affects their ability to perform their job duties. Let's take a look at some more low-stress jobs that will still pay you the big bucks.

They determine ways to combine or strengthen the materials or even develop new materials with new or specific properties for use in different products and applications.

Materials Scientist

Physicists research physical phenomena, develop theories using observation and experiments, and then create methods to apply physical laws and theories.


Their main job is to pinpoint the source of the contamination and put together an on-site cleanup crew that aligns with environmental law and standards.

Brownfield Redevelopment Specialists and Site Managers

Water Resource Specialist

Water resource specialists are responsible for the design and implementation of programs related to the supply, regulation, and quality of water.

Environmental economists conduct research on topics such as alternative fuel use. They also compose academic articles about economic forecasts and determine the costs and benefits of different policies and regulations that affect the environment.

Environmental Economist


Mathematicians use mathematical theories to solve problems in the business, science, and engineering fields. They conduct research on algebra, probability, geometry, etc., and draw up reports on their findings.

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