Use this lucrative career tactic if you want to make more money in 2022

Show up every day. 

Do your job well. 

Never complain. Volunteer for extra work. 

Sound familiar? 

While these techniques are great at building a successful career, I found a much better trick to continuously increase my salary during my career, and an ADP study has numbers to back it up. 

According to the Workforce Vitality Report from ADP, workers who switch jobs are more likely to receive a salary boost than those who keep their existing jobs. 

“Job switcher wage growth was 6.6% in September, up from 5.1% in the first half of the year,” the report said. This is compared to only a 4.8% increase in wages for those who kept their jobs. 

Over the course of my career, I could easily expect a 15 to 20% boost in pay each and every time I switched jobs. Taking a new job is the perfect opportunity to negotiate higher wages.