Make Bank in Your Spare Time: 16 Best Part-Time Jobs in 2023

For many, the start of a new year marks a time when we set goals for better health, wealth, and happiness. Financially speaking, we set goals to save money, pay off our debt faster, and figure out how to get ahead. 

The key to achieving any financial goal is to have more money. So, earning additional income will make reaching financial goals more accessible. And perhaps the most tried and true way to make more money is by landing a side hustle.

The 16 Best Part-time Jobs for 2023

Yes, you can get paid to buy and deliver other people’s groceries – and make a sweet $25 per hour. Who would have thought there would be a market for delivering people their groceries as a part-time job?

Grocery Shopper Part-time

To get started part-time delivering groceries or shopping, check out companies such as: – Postmate – Instacart – Peapod – Favor

Like a fitness instructor, a personal trainer gets to work with people of all ages, all while keeping fit.  If you’re working a 9-5 job, becoming a personal trainer is an ideal part-time gig that helps you get out of that desk job and move while interacting with others.

Personal Trainer

When starting, you’ll work in a gym to help build up a clientele. Pay may range anywhere from $8 to $15 per hour. Once you build a list of clients, you may consider starting your own company.

If you’ve worked in marketing before, becoming a brand promoter or marketing specialist can be a fun side hustle.

Promotion & Marketing Specialist

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