How to Earn Money on Twitch Streaming Video Games

Twitch has quickly become one of the most popular video game streaming sites on the internet lately.

Start streaming now by creating a Twitch channel so you can get affiliate programs, and earn cash through streaming.

Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon and serves as the leading video live streaming software. Mainly, the service is for streaming video games.

What is Twitch?

For instance, with the popular game, Fortnite, it’s a necessity to be a member of a team or “squad” to compete.

Who Uses Twitch?

While the first tier is not difficult to achieve, individuals must progress to the second tier to successfully begin earning an income using the platform.

How to Become Eligible to Monetize Twitch

Affiliate marketing on Twitch involves three steps. Here, we’ve laid them out for anyone who has an interest in becoming a Twitch Affiliate.

Become an Affiliate

The next step in monetizing Twitch is to become a partner. To join the Twitch partner program, you must first achieve Affiliate status.

Become a Partner


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