One Husband Dares Suggest That His Wife Contribute to a Family Trip

u/MightyManicMonkeyMan (OP) is planning to go on a trip with his family, but he's not sure he can handle the entire expenses alone this time. He suggests his wife chip in, but that doesn't go well with her.

He has had no issue bearing the financial burden in the marriage all the while they've been living together (ten years now). But this might be too much for him to handle alone. Hint, it's over $3,000.

He figured his wife could help handle the extra $500 they would spend at a local theme park. Before this trip, he had been the one handling everything for the ten years they'd been living together.

He has been handling all expenses, from rent to car payments, insurance, utilities, vacations, and groceries.

So, he thought this shouldn't be such a big deal. It wasn't like his wife wasn't working and earning herself. If she weren't earning, it would have been a different case. But she was earning.

But it didn't go as planned. She got upset and didn't talk to him all through the night. But, again, he had been handling everything before now. He was simply asking for a bit of support from his wife. But the only response he received was the silent treatment.

Now he wants to know if it was wrong for him to suggest his wife pay the extra $500 for the tickets while he handled the $3,000 for the rest of the vacation.

Most people are on OP's side. He has done his best, and for a long time, he just needed a little support from his wife for a trip they would all enjoy. But she doesn't want any responsibilities.

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