Mapping the Most Depressed Cities in America as Recession Threatens Wellbeing

As concerns about the nation's economic health continue to rise, it's essential not to overlook how a recession could impact the inner well-being of individuals across the country.

America's mental health crisis typically lurks in the shadows, neglected as the more sensational breaking crisis of the day soaks up the media limelight.

Yet the numbers paint an alarming picture. The pandemic triggered a 25% increase in anxiety and depression rates worldwide, and the US has undoubtedly been a part of that.

According to the study, Billings in southern Montana is the most depressed community in the country – 31% of residents have been diagnosed with a form of depression.

The Downest Town

With inflation proving stubborn, hopes of a quick economic reset are fading as the Federal Reserve signals that more “forceful” monetary tightening is needed to bring appreciating prices under control.

Economic or Mental Depression

Harvard professor Arthur Brooks recommends following these three steps to stop a spiraling economy from dragging down one's mood.

Wellness Hack

First, people should stop checking their finances constantly. Although it can be tempting to do during times of volatility, Brooks advises against it.

“Make a prudent set of basic rules about your spending, savings, and investments… Then don't monitor your finances daily or even weekly. Make a rule to look once a month (or once a quarter) at most,” he said.

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