8 New Year Resolutions To Improve Your Marriage In 2022

Married couples commonly call the first few years of marriage the honeymoon phase. This phase gets its name because the union is still relatively new, and some married couples argue their relationship hasn’t tested them yet. 

As the relationship continues, several life events can happen, such as having a baby, getting a new job, taking on a responsibility, or relocating to buy a new house. 

Unfortunately, these things can distract us from giving due attention to our spouse. Furthermore, some people believe relationships begin to decline after seven years. 

Here are 8 new year resolutions to improve your marriage!

Communicate More and Better

Good communication is essential in any relationship. Therefore, if there is one marriage goal you should strive for, it's this one. 

Monthly Date

We all get busy. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for you and your spouse not to have a date night.  You two need alone time together without distractions. 

Work On A Project Together

Think of a cause that you both believe in. Then, you can use it as a guide to determine what you can work together.