12 Marvel Characters Who Should Be a Thunderbolt

We have been given another opportunity for a big-time Marvel mash-up. Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine or Val (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), introduced herself into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by approaching John Walker at the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

We can assume that the Thunderbolts will be following behind her. Redditors expressed who they thought should be a part of the big-screen debut of the well-known antihero team.

One user said, “Songbird is the only correct answer! It's not Thunderbolts without Melissa Gold!” Another Redditor said, “Songbird/Melissa Gold is kind of like the Deadshot of the ThunderBolts's Suicide Squad.”


One Redditor posted, “Take out Val, let her be behind the scenes!” Another user said, “They’d probably be coerced. Val would probably snatch them up and implant explosives or something in them. In DC Comics, Amanda Waller does a similar thing when putting together the Suicide Squad.”


One user thought, “Completely redo Taskmaster. Like, let someone else take on the mask and is closer to the comic book character. Really good character, though.”


One user said, “Red Guardian similarly doesn’t add a lot of conflicts. If he betrayed Yelena again, it would cheapen one of the best scenes in Black Widow.”

Red Guardian

One Reddit user said, “I feel like Bucky doesn’t add much. It feels like he should be the protagonist.” Another user said, “I feel like Falcon becoming Cap & not taking Bucky along is kind of a crappy move.”


One Reddit user posted, Yelena, US Agent, Ghost are all in the movie.” Another user said, “Yeah, that makes some sense. We watched US Agent murder someone!” I feel like a roster of counterparts to the original Avengers would be cool, US Agent/ Captain America.”

Us Agent

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