NFT Skateboarding Game, SkateX, Announces Coast2Coast Collection

Game studio Block Tackle’s inaugural game SkateX recently announced a Coast2Coast collection. The collection is set to release next week with 1,500 longboards and 1,500 standard boards as a collaboration between an as-yet-unknown artist.

SkateX is Block Tackle’s first upcoming massively multiplayer online (MMO) game, promising players an “immersive, extreme” experience.

Expected to release later this year, SkateX’s NFT (non-fungible token) skateboards will have utility in the game and beyond.

It’s dedicated to creating “fun-first” blockchain games that highly value providing an entertaining user experience. This approach is a timely response to the market’s concerns about NFT games delivering sub-par game experiences, focusing instead on profits.

A Project with Momentum

SkateX also gained pro skater Stevie William as an Advisor in April. Williams will contribute his input on skateboard design as well as streetwear.

As an advisor, he’ll draw on his experience as founder of the skatewear clothing website DGK and a longtime lover of skater culture.

He will also design an exclusive line of NFT boards for the community. As a professional skater, his involvement is key to incorporating authentic board culture into the project’s DNA.

In a statement, Stevie Wiliams shared that he often passes on skating collaboration opportunities but was drawn to the project’s approach and foundation. His endorsement has brought the project more mainstream attention, which could help sustain its long-term success.

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