How These 8 Meals Transform into Delicious Leftovers

From Bland to Grand:

While some people might turn up their noses at the idea of reheating food, there are certain dishes that simply taste better when enjoyed as leftovers.

From stews and casseroles to soups and curries, these dishes have a way of transforming in the fridge or freezer, making them the perfect choice for busy weeknights or lazy weekends.

So, grab a fork and join me as we explore 8 meals that taste even more delicious as leftovers.


When lasagna is first served, it's a bit softer, and it almost melts into the pile of sauce. But when lasagna is stuck in the fridge and pulled out the next day when you pack your lunch for work, it's a bit more solid.

I don't know what magic happens in the fridge overnight. But somehow, stews tend to taste extra good the next day — and I'm not the only person who thinks so.



Another dish that firms up in the fridge overnight is chili. For some, this step is essential to the recipe. “We make chili the day before we plan to eat it. That overnight in the fridge is critical,” one person shared on social media.

Like stews, soups often benefit from sitting for long periods of time to really enhance the flavor.

Homemade Soup

Another idea is to “Heat it up on a frying pan on low heat with a dash of water and the lid on,” one amateur cook shared on Reddit. “Extra crispy base. Chefs kiss!”


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