Meet the Boys With Luv: The Newbie’s Guide to BTS

Our story begins in June 2013, when seven seemingly normal boys from South Korea came together to dream one dream. They named it BTS or Bangtan Sonyeodan (lit. Bulletproof Boy Scouts).

It's been almost a decade since, and this once unassuming troupe of young dreamers now rule the world stage using a deadly combination of sheer charm and unadulterated talent.

BTS is a phenomenon, but it is decidedly not a new one. They have the largest fandom in the world, have broken multiple records, and keep topping charts and performing in sold-out shows.

To truly understand BTS, you must begin by familiarising yourself with the seven nearly-ethereally beautiful boys who make up the band. They are:

The Member

Born on December 4th, 1992, Kim Seok-jin, aka Jin, is the eldest member of BTS. And he plays the part of a caring elder brother figure with obvious pride and joy.


Popularly known by his stage names Suga and August D, Min Yoon-gi was born on 9th March 1993. A proud member of the Hyung (lit. elder brother) line, Suga is best known for his sassiness, unadulterated love of sleeping, and godlike rapping skills.


You may know Kim Namjoon of BTS from the recent stir he caused after being voted the most handsome man over Henry Cavill. Born on 12th September 1994, Namjoon is the ever-beloved leader of the band.


Born on 18th February 1994, there is a reason Jung Ho-seok's stage name is J-Hope. Also referred to as Hope and Hobi, J-Hope is literally spring sunshine personified.


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