Merecedes’ New CLA Electric Vehicle Class Comes With More Range Than Any Tesla

Range anxiety is one of consumers' most common worries about purchasing an electric vehicle. With electric vehicle (EV) charging stations being much less prevalent than gas stations, it's reasonable to be concerned about.

You can't just fill your tank off at any highway exit. In an EV, you must plan your trip around charging station locations; for some people, that's too much. 

It's undeniable that Tesla is the leading EV manufacturer, but their Model 3 and Model 3 come with a max range of just under 380 miles, depending on the car.

This range is adequate for an average daily commute, but for some people who enjoy road-tripping or have an especially long work commute, this range is just enough to make you worry. 

On September 3rd, at the IAA Mobility auto show in Munich, Mercedes announced a new CLA class, an entirely new, all-electric segment of entry-level vehicles.

This new CLA class includes a four-door coupe, a station wagon, and two concept car SUVs ready for production. Each of these 4 EVs has an anticipated range of 466 miles, which is a significant improvement on Tesla.

These EVs have high electric efficiency with rapid charging that takes 15 minutes for 248 miles. Mercedes-Benz's new operating system (MB.OS) uses supercomputing and artificial intelligence to achieve top-notch personalization, convenience, and automated driving.

My favorite part of these concept cars is Child Presence Detection (CPD), a safety feature designed to alert parents if young children are left in the vehicle on accident.

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