Metaverse Games’ Popularity Explodes

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Welcome to the gaming metaverse, where users use cryptocurrencies and battle other users to fill their crypto wallets.

As these gaming platforms rise in popularity, gaming platform Solitaired looked at which gaming metaverse is the most popular.

Solitaired looked at four factors when creating its popularity index: the number of monthly Google searches it receives, the number of monthly website visitors, the number of articles written about it in the past year, and the number of Twitter followers for each virtual world.

Axie Infinity takes the crown as the most popular metaverse globally, with 3.4 million Google searches and 2.2 million website visitors every month – earning it the highest popularity score of any metaverse.

Axie Infinity

The Sandbox

Most notably, The Sandbox has the largest social following of any metaverse in the list, with 1,003,841 followers on Twitter, boosting its score and taking it into second place.

Decentraland ranked third overall, based on the four popularity factors scoring 145 out of 400. The 3D browser-based metaverse receives a massive 705,000 visitors to its site each month and 311,000 monthly searches.



With 182,000 searches, Star Atlas takes the fourth metaverse spot for monthly searches and 55,400 website visitors each month.

Bloktopia rates the fifth most popular, accruing 50,000 searches each month and 32,400 monthly website visitors.

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