The Mickey Mouse Club and Its Famous Former Members

What Is The Mickey Mouse Club?

It was an hour-long afternoon variety show featuring a cast of young kids and teens known as “Mouseketeers” who donned the famous Mickey Mouse ear hats.

Some cast members like Darlene Gillespie and Annette Funicello also starred in dramatic serials. For instance, the popular Hardy Boys starred Tim Considine and Tommy Kirk. Other major serials include Spin and Marty, Corky and White Shadow, and Annette.

While many think MMC started in the 90s, it was, in fact, during the 1950s when the show first aired. In its debut, the show introduced 24 cast members, ranging from nine to fourteen years old, and one adult Head Mouseketeer.

Fun fact: MMC had color-coded teams. There were white, blue, and red. The Red Team consisted of Mouseketeers like Karen Pendleton, Bobby Burgess, Doreen Tracey, Cubby O'Brien, and Lonnie Burr, who appeared throughout a run.

The New Mickey Mouse Club

By the 1970s, Disney rebooted MMC and renamed it The New Mickey Mouse Club. The revamped show featured a more diverse cast of Mouseketeers. Unlike the original MMC, the serials were reruns of old Disney films and were cut into segments.

The All-New Mickey Mouse Club

After a ten-year hiatus, Disney returned with The All-New Mickey Mouse Club, which had a format similar to Saturday Night Live. The all-new Mousketeers performed comedies, songs, and live skits.

The 1980s revival of the show lasted seven seasons. Most famous Mouseketeers alums like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera are from seasons six and seven. The All-New MMC ended production in April 1996, but Disney ran reruns until May.

Club Mickey Mouse

Compared to earlier versions of the show, Club Mickey Mouse wasn't televised. Instead, it is aired on Facebook and Instagram. It also has a reality TV show format that follows eight new Mouseketeers' journey to creating new music, friendships, and dance choreographies.

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