The Familiar Faces of Fright in Mike Flanagan’s Horror Universe

Flanagan has created a brand of horror that succeeds in part because of his frequent collaborations. 

Flanagan knows the power of a familiar face on screen, and viewers can’t get enough of seeing these actors assume different roles from one show to the next. 

Let’s take a look at some of Flanagan’s regular players. 

Carla Gugino

It was no surprise she was able to display so much range with Flanagan, making four appearances (if we include a voice cameo in Midnight Mass). 

Henry Thomas

With six appearances under his belt, and a role in the upcoming The Fall of the House of Usher, Henry Thomas is an indelible figure in the Flanagan universe.  

Michael Fimognari

This cinematographer extraordinaire is one of two non-actors on our list, but he’s probably the most responsible for the consistent visual texture of Flanagan’s work. 


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