Too Many Millennials Make These 5 Mistakes in Interviews,

According To Hiring Managers

We’ve all made our share of interview mistakes, no matter our age. But according to some hiring managers, there may be a pattern of certain types of mistakes falling along generational lines.

Here are five interview mistakes that the hiring managers we heard from say, in their experience, millennials are likelier to make — and how to avoid them.

While culture is critically important, you also need to show the interviewer that you are a good fit for the job.

Asking Too Many Questions That Focus Exclusively on Company Culture.

I've had interviews where a millennial spends 20 of the 30 minutes asking questions about the company's culture and very little time telling me how they are a good fit for the job, or asking questions that prove the same.

One consistent mistake I've noticed from millennial interviewees is overemphasizing the value of certifications and tangential experience.

Turning The Interview Into a Recitation of Every Bell and Whistle on Your CV.

Beyond that, hiring managers want to know about you. Where do you see yourself working best, and on what kind of team? Where do you want to build your skills, and where do you know you'll struggle?

I appreciate when job candidates know what they want and act confidently during the interview. However, it's essential to align your profile with a specific position.

Overusing “I.”

We don't want only to see how we can help you achieve your goals. Think about how you can bring unique value to our organization and focus more on our potential partnership rather than your gains.

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