(Money & Time) Why Millennials Are Not Having Kids

Why money is impacting millennials when it comes to having kids

Poor spending habits, student loan debt, lifestyle spending, social lives and low wages all contribute to the low birth rate amongst Millenials.

Bad millennial spending habits

Unknowingly or knowingly the increasing bad spending habits, student loans and not saving or planning for the future gives the perception to most millennials that they simply “Can't Afford” kids.

Three More Reasons Millennials Are Not Having Kids

Money is the dominating factor as to why millennials and adults are having fewer kids or in some cases even no kids. 1. Career Advancements 2. Leisure 3. Fear

Some millennials don't want kids

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests many millennials simply don't want kids. Whether it has to do with their finances, time, lifestyle, or insecurities as a parent some millennials simply want to avoid kids.

Waiting for the right time to have kids

There is also one seldom talked about reason Millenials are not having kids (or delaying) and that is waiting for the right time!

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