12 Things Millennials Shouldn’t Take for Granted

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I'm a Gen X and I miss videos on MTV. Not the videos they make today. I miss videos that told stories like Michael Jackson's “Thriller.” Or Guns N Roses' “November Rain.” 

Nonetheless, an online discussion asks, “In 50 years, what will people be nostalgic for?” Here are the top-voted responses. 

Shopping in Actual Stores

Many millennials have turned to online shopping for even the basics of essentials. You can even have groceries delivered to your house, depending on where you live. 

Physically Going to School

For millennials having families, many have children that participate in online learning now. That wasn't around when millennials were kids. 

Car Maintenance

“Being able to do basic maintenance on your car without needing a shop manual and a year's salary worth of special tools,” one person volunteered. 

Adblock and Skippable Ads

One Redditor shared, “Adblock/skippable ads. In the future decade, I can see repeatable unblockable ads becoming mainstream in places like YouTube, Netflix, etc.” 

Wild Animals

“Not just animals. Insects. I remember in the 90s, after a drive through the country, squashed bugs would cover your car —these days, like none.” 

Owning Things Without Subscriptions

“Owning something you don't pay a subscription for,” one user voted. Many people agreed and added the ability to own anything outright. 

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