Review: Mindful Trader (Stock Trade Alerts)

What’s interesting about this stock trading alert program is Eric, the Founder of Mindful Trader, has set up the alerts in a way where you have plenty of time to get into these trades. 

So, there’s no worry that you have to look at your phone all the time to conduct these trades. On top of that, these trade alerts focus on swing trades instead of day trades. 

This stock trading alert program heavily utilizes mathematics and statistics. It’s exceptionally quantitatively driven, which is imperative to trading success. 

These strategies focus on long and short trades to create diversity within your trades and ultimately to potentially earn you higher compounded returns. 

What’s great about the strategies used is the amount of research performed. 

These trading strategies have had numerous statistical tests performed. Eric has conducted extremely thorough backtests going back twenty years so that these trading strategies can trade through recession-driven drawdowns.