10 Missed Opportunities To Use Finn in the Star Wars Movies

In the Star Wars sequel trilogy, Disney hinted several times that Finn was force-sensitive. Unfortunately, the writers did not capitalize on this opportunity. Instead, they began writing Finn in a more insignificant role with each forthcoming film.

"3-year gaps and a rough outline for the trilogy could've worked better and allowed for more stuff like Finn's arc to be fleshed out, even with entirely different directors.”

No Clear Path for Finn

“Finn was going to go back to the First Order undercover and convince others to defect, and then they were going to lead an uprising of the poor class that lived on the ground on Coruscant. That was going to happen in the original Trevorrow version.”

Trevorrow's Dual of the Fates Script

DarthRumbleBuns posed the idea, “He should have left with Calrissian at the end of the second movie to gather help and support from other ex-stormtroopers then in the third one, it should have been stormtroopers that showed up like Rohan showing up on Pelanor fields. "

Possible Spinoff Series

"Then a 10-part mini-series of how he managed to gather support, and that's when he should have faced, defeated, and defeated Phasma.”

TyrekL noted, “It would have been great to see him have any moral apprehension to eliminating other brainwashed soldiers when he knew and fought alongside them not too long ago."

Redemption for the First Order Stormtroopers

Another user added, “Hey, you know what would have made this interesting? A cohesive plot or character development or SOMETHING? YOU KNOW, LITERALLY ANYTHING BESIDES RANDOM STUFF HAPPENING ON AND ON FOR THREE HOURS???”

Plot Left You Wanting More

One Redditor pointed out, “His whole arc should have shown that stormtroopers are not just faceless enemies, and he could inspire them to rise against their oppressors.”

A Symbol for Change

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